The Making Of… Deals! The Investors’ Perspective

Join this session to get the investors’ perspective on deal making! A diverse mix of investors on stage will share their thoughts on why they invested in a certain company or entrepreneur or why the deal fell through, sometimes even at the last minute. A panel discussion, followed by networking at the Thursday Gathering of […]

Company-building cheat sheet with Builders

In this webinar, Builders’ team will tell you all about the stage-gate model and how they are building tomorrow’s thriving ventures. Get ready for it because you will learn about the following: What are startup studios exactly and how can entrepreneurs get involved; Why should you work with a startup studio; How to build faster, bigger, […]

One Single Hub tender explanation

Do you support start-ups and scale-ups with your network or organisation? Or do you know of a successful regional programme that supports start-ups or scale-ups? The One Single Hub scheme aims to expand proven results. In this way, the regional programmes will have a nationwide effect and we will strengthen the competitive and innovative position […]

Power breathing session

Join the Power breathing session and fire up your inner warrior. Join the session and fire up your inner warrior. Let’s celebrate your achievements together. Connect with yourself. Connect with other like minded people. Learn about and experience the power of the breath. Get out of your head. Breathe, dance and shout together with fellow […]

Erasmus Enterprise on Tour: Visit the YES!Delft Incubator

During Erasmus Enterprise on Tour you will visit the YES!Delft incubator in Delft, and find out how YES!Delft helps to build the best startups in the world. You will learn how YES!Delft supports startups and young talent, meet startup founders and work on real startup challenges! We end the afternoon with networking drinks, where you […]

Annual Startup Visa Facilitator Meeting

The Netherlands Point of Entry would like to invite you to our yearly startup visa facilitator meeting! This year, we’ve chosen to provide all our startup visa facilitators with a networking lunch that will be organized during Upstream Festival in Rotterdam. Upstream festival brings together startups, scale-ups, investors, corporates, policy makers and students. This networking […]

CEO Icebath Challenge

For startup and scaleup founders and employees, both mental and physical health is of invaluable importance. Join us for this series of mental and physical health sessions. Conquer your mental and physical limits and unlock your true potential by participating in the Ice Bath Challenge. Reduce inflammation in your body and learn to control your […]

Closing party

Close off this edition of Upstream with music, drinks and more!

The Art of Scaling

It takes courage to make important decisions for your company. After supporting 125+ companies to scale their impact, we’re confident you can do the same. The Art of Scaling is our unique scaling methodology. Based on research on thousands of ventures, and confirmed by working closely with over 130 scale-up teams, we identified what differentiates […]

Boosting Innovation and Accelerating Your Business in Agrofood Logistics

There are a lot of untapped innovation opportunities in the field of mobility, circularity and sustainability in agri-food logistics. Expand your network during this event and meet other companies in this sector. Are you a startup and interested in accelerating your business? Or is your company interested in boosting innovation by collaborating or investing in […]