About Upstream

Connect with the frontrunners of the next economy. In 2023, the Rotterdam Metropolitan area transforms into the place where founders, students, investors, policymakers and bold corporates come together to make a positive impact on the world.

This is where you meet, learn and connect

Through a plethora of events, carefully curated and focusing on individual topics with a common goal: enabling innovations that will drive the transition to the next economy.

Upstream does this by providing access to finance, new markets and talent for change makers that want to scale their business. More than 20 public and private partners from the greater Rotterdam region are united in Upstream – an initiative of Up!Rotterdam – to accelerate the transition to an economy that is digital, carbon neutral, circular and inclusive.

Grow and scale your business

  • Startups – Grow: unlock the ecosystem
  • Scale-ups – Expand: gain access to international markets, talent & funding
  • Corporates – Scout: find innovative solutions and talent for sustainable growth
  • Investors – Make it happen: unleash the network
  • Students – Learn: become a frontrunner of the next economy

The festival gives attendees access to an international ecosystem of talent, funding, markets and exposure opportunities.

Changemakers from different backgrounds and industries come together to increase the innovation capacity of our region and highlight its position as a fast evolving tech environment for businesses to grow.

Driven by the changemakers

Upstream’s Co-Creation Partners are setting you up with an inspiring and diverse programming of keynotes, talk shows, round tables, workshops, webinars and networking events. Over the course of 3 days, more than 40 co-creation partners have lined up 40+ events boasting more than 30 speakers with one thing in common: to promote and underline the necessity of a transition to the Next Economy.